As a very active but not a hard-core athletic woman, I refused to think that my mid-40s would bring about a very typical yet painful on-set of Sciatic nerve pain from the lower left back to my ankle area.  The numbness that would occur, especially during long, power walks or light jogs, shopping in flats or walking barefoot would cause me to stop, stretch and then reconsider my activity level, which at times was not really an option.
After being introduced to the nutriment developed by your team of world renowned specialists in the field of spine health, within a week I began to see a result from the nutriment that was actually a BONUS to the relief I began to feel in my lower back after 12 days-amazing skin!
I write this to you because I completely expected, based on the research done, to have sciatic nerve pain relief, however, I did not expect to see a very obvious "glow" to my skin-that certainly was a bonus!
After completing a month of the nutriments for my sciatic issue, I was not persistent with refills and taking them because I no longer was experiencing the pain.  Within two weeks, the pain began to appear and my favorite hobby of all,  walking barefoot on the beach was extremely painful.
I can assure you that this will not happen again as the energy levels, flexibility, skin rejuvenation and even sound sleep that I experienced while on the nutriment was so apparent once I stopped taking them that I am now a lifetime follower!
Thank you for introducing me to  a safe, healthy alternative to achieving optimal spine health.
Most sincerely,
-Kristi G
I am almost 75 years old and since reaching the age of about 70 years, I have endured a gradual increase in the amount of osteoporosis and resulting arthritic pain, which at times has limited some of my ability to exercise and continue my normally active lifestyle. After having taken the combination of BCM95 (Curcumin) and Eggshell Membrane for a period of three months, I have experienced a remarkable improvement in the flexibility of my hands, spine, shoulders and lower extremities and diminished pain in my fingers, spine, hips, knees and feet. I also have much less pain and tightness in my cervical spine which is due to small amount of fracture which was sustained years ago. I am enormously grateful for the continuing benefit of taking this supplement on a daily basis and will continue to do so indefinitely.
-Joan M.
At the age of 75 I began to feel the full wear and tear of a very active life. Aches and pains increased incrementally over the years and felt there was little to do but endure and carry on with life. My daily exercise routine was becoming more and more difficult, muscles were sore and joints continued to ache. One day a close friend recommended a new product which combined Curcumin and Eggshell Membrane to combat these annoying pains. The results were truly remarkable! The constant aches and discomfort diminished rapidly and my daily physical workouts were becoming less and less painful. I highly recommend this wonderful product.
-Mike W.