Don't Let Joint Pains Prevent You from Living an Active Lifestyle

February 23, 2019

Staying healthy means staying active. The American Heart Association (AHA) states that this is one way to help you live longer. It can be difficult to achieve an active lifestyle, however, if you’re suffering from joint pains. Damaged joints can limit your flexibility and your ability to move easily. At, we care about helping you maintain healthy joints and spine. And as with any health optimization goals, it begins with knowing more about your condition.


What are the Causes of Joint Pains?

There are different reasons you experience joint pain in certain parts of your body. These can be due to various health conditions, including:
  • Osteoarthritis - this is usually caused by aging joints, obesity, and injury. This may affect your hands, wrist, and back, among others.
  • Rheumatoid arthritis - you may experience this when your immune system targets your joint linings, affecting both sides of your body.
  • Gout - this is a type of arthritis that causes severe pain, swelling, and stiffness in a joint.
  • Sprains - this refers to a stretched or torn ligament due to falling, twisting, or getting hit.
Experiencing joint pain can be normal, especially as you age. You may typically experience joint pain on your knees, shoulder, and hip. But this can also happen in other parts of your body, such as ankles, feet, and hands. The pain may go away after a few days or months, depending on your condition.

What Can You Do to Prevent It?

Joint pains can lead to soreness after a certain activity. You can minimize the pain if you exercise regularly. Studies show that working out has positive effects on chronic pain. If you stay active, you’re less likely to experience severe pain in joints as well as other areas. You may engage in walking and cycling because they are ideal exercises to maintain strong joints. An aquatic exercise, like swimming, is also an excellent alternative if you want something gentle. This type of workout suits people with osteoarthritis. A mind-body exercise, like tai chi, promises positive results, as well. Try doing some gentle stretches to ease stiffness and improve your knee joint’s range of motion. Each workout delivers different results. Consult a physical therapist to know the kind of therapy will work for you. Your therapist may customize a program of aerobic, stretching, and strengthening exercises that will fit your condition.

Enjoy an Active Lifestyle with Healthy Joints

One way to keep your joints healthy is by maintaining an ideal weight. Your excess weight can stress your joints, so losing them reduces the burden your joints carry. Additionally, you have to mindful of what you eat. A diet rich in anti-inflammatory properties. Experts say that minimizing inflammation decreases the symptoms of arthritis, which improves your joint health. You should also consume more food rich in vitamin D and calcium. Your bones need these nutrients to stay healthy. There are supplements formulated to keep your joints healthy. Here at Restitute Health, we offer a high-quality supplement that helps you improve your functionality and overall performance. It contains natural anti-inflammatory ingredients, including BCM-95, natural eggshell membrane, and boswellin. Contact us today to learn more about products.